Call for Australia Training/Consulting?

This post is mostly due to the fact that Mark Mandel is hosting CF
objective ANZ this year and has threatened to do harm if I cannot go
down there this year. However, with all joking aside, I would be glad
to venture down under but there has to be justification (monetarily)
to go there. So I wanted to open the forum to see if there would be
interest in not only training, but maybe consulting from Ortus
Solutions. Mark, mentions there is already space for 1 day pre-
conference training, but I am also interested to see if local
companies would be interested in private on-site training also?

Anyways, I just wanted to start a discussion with those down under and
see if there would be any interest for me to go down there for
training and consulting and how we can negotiate it. The dates are
the following:
November 14-18 approximately.


Do you mind if I repost this in cfaussie, I think you might get a better response from developers in there.

Personally if I wasn’t out of work at the moment, I would love to attend any session that you hold down here in this great land.

Go for it