can not access commandbox server from another pc browser

My setup is a commandbox 3.9.2 on win10.

I start box first.
Then I simply start a server with “server start”
Browser came up with
I can see the directory listing.
So far so good.

Now I want to access this from another PC in the same network. Both pc can ping eachother.

So i open a browser and type
But …
Website is not available.

To check the connection again, I installed the apache webserver.
Result is: on both pc I can access the “It works”-page of the Apache.
localhost on the “server” and on the client.
Connection check’!
Apache stop.

Maybe the firewall is the problem. Because http over port 80 is ok, but port 46489 maybe not.
I deactivated the firewalls on both pc.

commandbox still not accessable from client browser…

I also tried the hostfileupdater for commandbox and set the host file entries of the client.

But i is also not working…

Does anybody has an idea?
Is commandbox not accessable from another pc than the local machine?

best regards

Set the host parameter in your server.json to either your external IP or to Setting it to your external IP will make it available to the outside world. will bind the site to any IP that the machine has. 


Thank you very much. I missed this passage in the docs ;). And of course I was actually reading this part to know how to set the port to 80 for a server.

Finally it works!