Can not inject Service

Hello All
I have create testService.cfc in services folder,and in handlers folder i want inject testService:
here my code:
property name="testService inject=“testService”;

But i not work:
Type: Builder.DSLDependencyNotFoundException
Messages: The DSL Definition {REF={null}, REQUIRED={true}, ARGNAME={}, DSL={id:testService}, JAVACAST={null}, NAME={testService}, TYPE={any}, VALUE={null}, SCOPE={variables}} did not produce any resulting dependency The target requesting the dependency is: ‘handlers.test’

pls Help me.


Hi Khac

Please read wirebox docs

Coldbox 3.8

Coldbox 4

Please show us where the “services” folder is. If it’s
then you can do this:
property name="testService inject=“services.testService”;

If it’s in
then I would recommend you move it to the models convention folder. Or, if it you want it there, add a scan location or an explicit mapping to WireBox.