Can not save settings


I am quite new into Contentbox and just installed it. But I already bump into the issue that I can’t save the settings in the settings section of cbadmin. The save button doesn’t respond. I tried this in Chrome and IE11, but no success. The save buttons works fine on the blog and pages sections.

What is going wrong here?


Hi frank. What error do you get. What screen?

Luis Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp
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Hi Frank,

could you check you have no error on the tab page settings? For example if you haven’t inserted any email the save button will throw an error that is visible only if you check the mail settings tabs and is not shown on the main page of settings. I’ve posted this bug but seems not resolved…


You are my hero. There was a mistypo in one of the email addresses on the notification page. I didn’t see this because I made some changes in the Site options page. The email address was entered (and accepted) during first time setup/install. This looks indeed like a bug. But I can save my settings now.

Thanks a lot.