cannot load an entity in a module's model.

using ColdBox 3.0.0 RC1-318-GENESIS-14:14.


-- ActionTicket
--- model
---- ticket

mapping in module's config:

"ticketService@ActionTicket" = {
     path = "ticket.ticketService"

module loads successfully. using a virtual entity service, i get "A
CFC with entityname Ticket could not be found." ticket.cfc lives in
the same directory.

my handler in the module:

property name="ticketService"

public void function new(required event){

entities in my applications model loads just fine. its only when i
started using the model in a module.

this is the init for my virtual entity service:

public ticketService function init(){
  return this;

It could be a few issues. First, try changing the case on entityName="Ticket" to entityName="ticket".

Also, it could be cfclocation setting in ORM. Be sure this is looking in your modules folder as well.

I usually set it to something like this

this.ormsettings = {cfclocation=["model","modules"]}

Hope that helps,
Curt Gratz
Computer Know How

putting the "ticket" folder to my applications model, and adding the
mapping, the entity loads fine.