Cant find upgrade tool

Hi there

Have downloaded coldbox 3.0, but cant find the upgrader tool in the
install folder to make my 2.6 application work..

Any advice?


3.0 is still changing week to week so I don't think there's an
upgrader tool at the moment (if ever?).

If you're looking to jump into 3.0, I'd look at the compatibility
guide and tackles those changes first, if applicable. Then test the
app and tackle whatever else breaks. Most will be small changes.

- Gabriel

For myself, I upgraded by checking out the latest SVN code from the coldbox assembla repository, renaming my current coldbox directory to something else, and putting 3.0 in its place. If you don’t use SVN/Tortoise, you can just download the latest code as well. Then I just ran my app to see what broke. The only thing I encountered were settings tags in my config.xml.cfm that would not validate against 3.0s new config xsd (schema); they had been deprecated. When it complains to you, it tells you what tag its complaining about, so it’s pretty easy to fix. other than this, I encountered no other issues and was upgraded pretty quickly!


Thanks for your responses..

I wasnt exactly sure about the compatabilty guide, so I took your
advice and just concentrated on the config file. I just copied the
config file from coldbox 3.0 into my old application, and updated the
settings to match my old version. After a few minor changes, it
appears to be functioning at the moment...

It seems to be a lot quicker than the old version which is
good..Hopefully things will run smooth