can't get getRBString or getResourceBundle to work

I want to organize the bundles by sections of the site: - global stuff like header, footer, common
phrases. over 100 keys. - for recognition specific phrases. over
50 keys.
and so on...about 7 sections.

In my views getResource("pagetitle") works ok loading the default

However, oRB.getRBString("includes/i18n/recognition","title") causes a
FileNot Found exception.

since that didn't work, I tried:
In my view,
oRB.getResourceBundle("includes/i18n/recognition", "en_US"); does not
cause any errors. But getResource() is still pulling from the default

what am i missing?

The docs never lie. In my view i used loadBundle() and its works as

Well this worked, but it doesn't seem practical because I have to
reload the default bundle. So i'm back to 1 bundle for all my

Correct, Daniel. The Resource Bundle plugin only supports one file per locale.

I do understand your desire to have multiple files each with different kind of content; however, that is currently not supported by ColdBox. The good news is that the files are so small loading the entire file into memory is not really an issue.

Thanks for sharing.

Aaron Greenlee