Cart Module

Hi guys,

Im about to start a project, I will need to create a Cart for hotel
rooms and other hotel services, can anyone enlight me with a good
model of shopping cart, and other things to consider to use it as a
module and apply it to other sites as well?

PS. If there is anyone outhere with a good model (mi wish) of a cart
(allready working in coldbox that would be great), and also happens
that you have a wish-list in amazon... well, let's shop!... :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

Felipe Serrano

Im building one, when ready let you know, post it...


Have you posted that cart anywhere? Let me know Iā€™d like to see how you did it or use it.

You could check out there is a connector for Contentbox


Hotel cart would be simple all rooms as Product and each Product Could have adds-on like Breakfast, etc

Hotel Room 207 ( Room Number) (product)

  • date august-10-2013 (each one would be entry in booking table)
  • date august-15-2013
  • date august-16-2013 ColdBox module will be easy/quick to build once the model-layer is ready.

for ORM scaffolding you can use databoss.