CB 2.6 debugmode issue

We have a CB 2.6 site getting ready to go into production, and have a strange problem.

On the test site (host.company.com) things seem to be fine, using the URL action debugmode=true/false. If set to true, debug mode stays on a site is navigated, and off if set off.

However, on my local development machine (localhost), this is not the case. I can add the URL action, and the current page will display with the panels, however, clicking a link, they will disappear. Also, if within the debugmode, I click to open, for example, a cache object, the popup displays, but the default page of the site is displayed rather than the object information. Again, this is not the case with the test site (which has a FQDN) associated with it.

I have deleted all cookies for the local dev site and in fact, the following named cookie does exist:


With a value of true.

Any ideas appreciated. Very weird.

Kevin S. Anderson

Superlative Solutions, Inc.

What is the value of your debugmode setting in your config file? I may be wrong as it has been a long time since I’ve worked with ColdBox 2.X but I remember having a similar issue when my debugmode was set to false from within the XML config file. If I remember correctly, I could only access debugmode when I provided the debugpass=‘foo’ attribute to my URL query string.


Aaron Greenlee

At a rough guess I am assuming that the URL variable is not being persisted across the pages, this means that if the debug console is not being persisted it is being overwritten.

That means you more than likely have the config to reload on each request on your development machine.


Andrew Scott


And folks, WE HAVE A WINNER!

Thanks, Andrew. That was indeed the case, and since I’m using the environments interceptor, I did not see the difference.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

That’s ok I get caught out enough times myself.


Andrew Scott