CB 3.5.1 XML Converter always lowercase

Hey Guys,

i am still using this amazing framework and this is my first time using the xml converter. Things are working like expected except one thing:

the converter converts all tags to lowercase, but since xml is case sensitive, it should just use the case that the object keys are in. And one more thing… the root tag is not converted so it appears inconsistent. I guess it’s because of the uppercase problem when creating structs with dot notation, but i would prefer to put the decision to the developer, either leaving the case at it is (so removing all lcase calls in the converter) or controling this conversion with a flag. For now i have modified the xml converter in my project, but this is a really hacky solution.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Best regards


Any improvements are appreciated. Why not submit a pull request for this so we can evaluate what you did and we can incorporate it into the build. Now is a good time as our 3.6 release is next week. So please hurry

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Yeah, pretty good idea, but i didn’t have time this week, but i have to dig into github a little bit and i will submit a pull request in the next week, but i don’t think i will make until the release of 3.6 unfortunately.