[CB 3.5.X] Disable Implict View Feature

Is it possible–or do others desire the ability–to disable the ImplicitView feature of ColdBox?

I have very few exceptions in my application (.00004%) and I am trying to get the exception rate down even more. One of the last challenges comes from bad URLs submitted by bots or very old Web browsers which submit bad URLs (here is just one example "tv.adobe.com/“http:/adobe.ly/Ng3afA/”)

My final route is “addRoute(pattern=’:handler/:action?’);” so I would expect ColdBox to realize there is not a handler for such a request and throw a 404; however, ColdBox is trying to find an implicit view and ends up throwing an exception.

If disabling the implciit view feature of ColdBox is not possible and not desired by the community, I could use a PathInfoProvider() method in the Routes.cfm file to detect URLs like this and trick the SES interceptor into executing the 404 method in my Main handler, but, I’d like to avoid that.

What do you think?



This is already in 3.5 aaron. Just add the setting to disable it

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Thank you. I read the 3.5 release notes several times in the past and never committed this to memory.

Appreciate it!


A side effect of disabling implicit views is a boost in performance.