[CB-3.8.1] Troubleshooting "did not produce any resulting dependency"

I am setting a dependency (cpdService) in a model (Profile) with:

property name="cpdService" inject="model:cpdService" persistent="false";

It is all working fine in dev and test, but when we put this into production, we get the following error message:

The DSL Definition {REF={null}, REQUIRED={false}, ARGNAME={}, DSL={model:cpdService}, JAVACAST={null}, NAME={cpdService}, VALUE={null}, SCOPE={variables}} did not produce any resulting dependency

I’ve had this in the past, and quick poke around the dependency being injected finds the problem causing the dependency to throw an error… However this time we just can’t find any issues withe the dependency, and the error itself doesn’t indicate what or where the error might be.

Is anyone able to suggest a way we can troubleshoot this? How can we narrow in on where the error is?

Many Thanks


How is that mapping defined? (Explicit mapping DSL, scan location, etc)



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Thanks Brad,

Scan Location. “cpdService” is in the “/model” folder

Found the problem… it wasn’t with the service at all, but the way I was calling it.

The File was CpdService (uppercase C), but I had cpdService (lower case c) when injecting it… Production server didn’t seem to like that (but test did, hmmm).