[CB 4.2] How to change the event and routed URL within an interceptor?

I have a URL like this http://domain/index.cfm/environment/module/handler/action

Now I want to remove “environment” out of the URL and continue processing,
so that /module/handler/action is executed.

Any ideas how to do this?



Hi Gunnar,

you can map your URL in Routes.cfm

Here is help Docs


coldbox 4.0+

also if you are developing coldbox module then you can add route pattern in ModuleConfig.cfc as well.

Hi Sana,

thanks for the quick reply. I don’t want to have it routes.cfm file.

My idea is that the routes can stay untouched and it’s filtered out by the interceptor.

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If you create a onRequestCapture interceptor and register it to run before the SES interceptor, you can modify the path info before SES gets to it.

Alternatively, you can provide a method in your routes.cfc to determine the path info and adjust it there.




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Thanks Brad,

PathInfoProvider worked for me.