[CB 4.3.0][Linux Mint 18.3][Lucee] DSL Injection to module fails

I tried to run an application on linux which was running for more than a year on windows.
The following error occured:

Lucee Error (Builder.DSLDependencyNotFoundException)
Message The DSL Definition {REF={null}, REQUIRED={true}, ARGNAME={}, DSL={model:cfcname@modulename}, JAVACAST={null}, NAME={cfcname}, TYPE={any}, VALUE={null}, SCOPE={variables}} did not produce any resulting dependency
Detail The target requesting the dependency is: ‘app.handlers.main’

The module and config didn’t change.
So I don’t know where to search.

Thanks, Martin

Have you tried to reinit the framework?

Also sometime on linux I notice that dipendency injection fails if you use different case (Model insted of model)

I reinited several times and tomcat restarts too. Folder names and DSL-String are all lower case.