[CB:4] Samples Simple Blog Error

I’m trying to get the sample applications working with CB 4.
The main sample app is missing the modules folder which should contain the cbi18n module.

But when I try and browse the Simple Blog application I get an error "Directory does not exist Directory: D:/coldbox_testing/models with the following
Everything is as how I downloaded it. Coldbox is in the web root.

You’ll need to run “box install” via CommandBox in the root to install cb18n. Also, what server are you using to run this? Lucee doesn’t handle SES URLs in a sub directory which can cause some issues for a few of the samples if you don’t start it in the root of the sample.



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Thanks for your reply Brad.
I had already found your other post in relation to commandbox and install, but still no luck.

In the end I found the following code in wirebox.cfc mapDirectory("/models");
I change it to mapDirectory(“models”); and it all works as expected now.

Thanks Ken