CB [coldbox-4.1.0+00002-201504151028]

I’m having an issue where I have a module with a folder named swAjax.

Inside the ModuleConfig.cfc it says the following

this.entryPoint = “ajax”;
// Model Namespace
this.modelNamespace = “ajax”;
// CF Mapping
this.cfmapping = “ajax”;

When I call runEvent as follows
runEvent( event=“ajax:handler.action”, prePostExempt=true, defaultEvent=false, eventArguments={}, cache=false );

it does not work whereas
runEvent( event=“swAjax:handler.action”, prePostExempt=true, defaultEvent=false, eventArguments={}, cache=false );

works correctly.

Is this a misunderstanding I have with Modules entryPoint? I’ve always assumed the entryPoint was the correct way to reference a module via any event.

Oddly, sitedomain.com/ajax/handler/action works correctly

Am I missing the boat here?

The entry point is only used by the SES interceptor for mapping a route to a module/handler/action. The “moduleName:handler.action” syntax uses the actual name of the module which is based off the folder name. I think there’s a this.name you can put in ModuleConfig.cfc but I’m not sure if it actually changes the internal name that ColdBox uses for that module



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