CB dictionary for CFEclipse: using coldbox.xml causes null pointer exceptions

I have installed the latest CFEclipse into Eclipse Helios Service
Release 2; now I want to leverage the ColdBox dictionary; which comes
in the form of the file 'coldbox.xml'; but unfortunately, all my
efforts to load 'coldbox.xml' into Eclipse have caused lots of null
pointer exceptions; files like 'railo3.xml' are imported
successfully ! I have checked 'coldbox.xml' in a XML editor: It is
well-formed; I have no further idea of what could be the reason for
the failure ...

I now took a closer look at 'coldbox.xml'; because I want to extract
information from it; in order to provide Code Assist/Intellisense for
yet another IDE: XEmacs ! Probably leveraging Peter Milliken's mature
ELSE (Powerful Template Engine) !

But the deeper look got me negatively surprised:
- There's a whole bunch of functions listed in the 'scopes' section;
with no dedicated method parameter information whatsoever ... Take,
for instance, these two:
  - event.setView(name,[nolayout],[cache],[cacheTimeout],
  - event.buildLink(linkto,[translate],[ssl],[baseURL],[queryString])

So what I'm after is: Thorough information for all functions/methods
like it is given in the 'functions' section ! Perhaps the whole
ColdBox APIs are available already in some comprehensive XML format ?
And perhaps the ColdBox DSLs, too ? All in the name of having the best
possible IDE support ...

Look in the testing folder, there is the script that creates the dictionaries. You can tweak that to make it produce what you need.


Luis F. Majano
Ortus Solutions, Corp

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Hello Luis !

In the meantime, the following has happened:
- Peter Milliken's mature ELSE (Powerful (X)Emacs Template Engine) has
matured even more so :slight_smile: !
- I seem to be capable (again) to generate templates for it ...

So I am really keen on having sufficient information about the ColdBox

I have installed ColdBox 3.1.0; a search for a 'IDEDictionaries' dir
as well as a 'tools' dir in the ColdBox installation dir yielded the
- There's only one 'tools' path: \coldbox\dashboard\views\tools\help
- \coldbox\testing\tools\IDEDictionaries can NOT be found ...

Could You please give me current further instructions ?

TIA for Your reply !

Cheers and Tschüss


Ok you have to download the nightly build or directly from github.