CB3.0 Interceptors not firing

I have a SSLInterceptor that worked great in 2.6, but I cannot get it to work in 3.0.

Basically, the interceptor checks the MySettings to see if requireSSL is TRUE. If so, and the request is NOT using HTTPS, it relocates to the URL using HTTPS.

In the Coldbox.cfc, I have the interceptor declared. I’m not getting any errors, and I do not see the interceptor in the debug panel. The interceptor is (supposed) to fire on the afterConfigurationLoad interception point, but doesn’t seem to be doing so. Following is snippet from the config:

//Register interceptors as an array, we need order

interceptors = [

// SSL Interceptor











Any assistance on why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin S. Anderson

Superlative Solutions, Inc.