CB3 Caching

I understand, that CB3 can provide caching options.

However, does this override the CF setting?

For instance,
CF gives the following options for caching:
- Cache Template In Request
- Component cache

But, I only want some models cached. I know that can set that setting
for CB3 for each model.

However, will this over ride the cf CF setting?

If "Cache Template In Request" check box, is checked - will that
cache all my models?

Thanks, all - in advanced,

- Russell

It's apple and oranges and not directly comparable. So, no, those
settings won't override each other as they're not doing the same thing
as coldbox.

- Gabriel

I am using CB3

The caching settings you mention are very different from ColdBox caching.

“Cache Template In Request” prevents ColdFusion from checking the disk to see if a individual template (include.cfm for example) has changed since the first time it was referenced within a request. For example, if you include ‘include.cfm’ five times in your index.cfm page, if this is checked, ColdFusion will NOT check the disk to see if ‘include.cfm’ has changed five times. It will assume no changes and continue to reference the copy it opened first.

“Component cache” applies to the way ColdFusion resolves (finds) a CFC. Once a path has been verified, ColdFusion will not try to resolve the path again.

ColdBox caching holds values in memory so you can avoid the work required to calculate or render something. For example, you can setup your homepage so that the ColdBox event handler caches the rendered output avoiding all (or most) calculations required to render the page! Very cool.

ColdBox’s cache can also be leveraged to cache entire event output, specific views, small parts of a view (viewlet), complex objects like arrays, structs, CFCs, queries, or other data you need to hold on to.

Hope that helps.