CB4 upgrade, ok, here we go...

I can see myself bombarding the list - so sorry in advance…

2 hours in, I’ve still got the dreaded orange/yellow Railo screen of death.

Upgrade guide says “getPlugin( ‘SessionStorage’ )” is now getInstance( ‘sessionStorage@cbstorages’ ). Cool. Except I never used it like that so that’s no help at all :slight_smile:

is how all mine are injected.

So I tried . Thrpt. Nope.

The DSL Definition {REF={null}, REQUIRED={true}, ARGNAME={}, DSL={id:applicationStorage@cbstorages}, JAVACAST={null}, NAME={App}, TYPE={any}, VALUE={null}, SCOPE={variables}} did not produce any resulting dependency

Ok - maybe I can inject them manually using wirebox before the rest of my wirebox config.

Thrpt. Nope.

The setting storages does not exist.


Back up, have you installed the cbstorages module yet? ColdBox no longer comes with everything included. It’s a lean machine that you add in a-la care what you want.

Fire up CommandBox and type this in your web root:

install cbstorages

Unless you were the “Tom” that was already in the roadshow today, watch the recording here:

Now, you didn’t provide a stack trace, so the other option is that your trying to inject it into a CFC (like an interceptor) that gets created before modules are loaded. If that is the case, defer creation until it’s actually used like so:

This will inject a placeholder that, when the time comes, will go get the actual object.



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Yes I’ve already installed cbstorages.

And yes, I’m the Tom from the roadshow.

I’ll use the provider approach - see if that helps.

No doubt I’ll be back :slight_smile:



Ok. I think I’m up and running.

That was tricky, but my app had 13 modules, each with 10-15 handlers/services in each. And was using some pretty old shizz - beanFactory etc (that wasn’t actually used - so it gave me a chance to clean up some legacy code whilst I was at it).

There’s still a long way to go, but if I can do it a couple of hours with the size of my app, then anyone can :slight_smile: