[cbox-coldbox-sublime] Auto completion in Sublime Text 3

The ColdBox plugin for Sublime Text 2 supported auto completion on many common CB object functions, but this appears to be broken for Sublime Text 3. Has anyone else experienced this issue as well? I did a little bit of digging into the source code of the cbox-coldbox-sublime plugin, and the

ColdBox.sublime-completions file seems like it should still be working fine, but something wonky is going on.



Hmm I am using 3 but I guess I have not noticed. I will check

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I’m using ST3 and it works correct.

try reinstalling the plugins

Hmm, that is interesting. Did you use ST2 with the plugin before? My only thought is that maybe some user preference carried over from ST2 that isn’t getting set in ST3 (dunno why that would be though)

So I discovered that the issue is in a conflict between the sublime Coldfusion plugin and the ColdBox plugin. The Coldfusion plugin is somehow preventing the ColdBox.sublime-completions (I uninstalled the CF plugin and viola, everything started working). I am not sure yet what is causing the conflict. Any ideas from anyone? I will post the solution if I figure it out.

weird - how did you install the coldfusion plugin? did you use Package Control? or did you install them manually?

I ask b/c I use both plugins myself without any issue and I used PC to install them.

but as long as its working :slight_smile:

I installed the coldfusion plugin manually. According to its github page, that is the only way to install it for sublime text 3 (https://github.com/SublimeText/ColdFusion). I will try reinstalling again and see if it is available through Package Control