cf 11 coldbox 3.8.1 hibernate class not found issue

I’m trying out cf 11 with 3.8.1 and can’t seem to find anything related to the following error.

Object Instantiation Exception. Class not found: org.hibernate.jdbc.util.BasicFormatterImpl

line 42 in \coldbox\system\orm\hibernate\sql\SQLHelper.cfc

I’m not finding the class in hibernate-core-4.1.10.Final.jar, maybe I’m missing something and 3.8.1 is not compatible with cf 11?

I thought CF shipped with Hibernate 3.x. Looking at my local CF11 install, I do have a 4.x jar as well.

I think usage of that Java class was introduced in this ticket from Aug 2013 which was before CF11 came out. Perhaps it’s possible it’s never worked and you’re touching some obscure corner of criteria builders that no other CF11 user has never used? (We do everything on Lucee internally now).

What specific code is causing the error? Can you raise a ticket for it?



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