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I am just learning to use Coldbox and adapting it to an existing project. In the existing project, an .html is launched using Fancybox. I tried to mimic the same function in Coldbox by setView(views/fancyboxHTMLContent) --ColdBox always tries to append .cfm at the end of the file. Do I need to transform the .html into a .cfm file…but then that won’t work with Fancybox. I have a need to keep the light-weight box popup… is there anything similar in Coldbox to use or how can I make the Fancybox work adapting to Coldbox framework.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Yes if you want to use it in a view.

ColdBox views are expected to contain CFML code and contain a .cfm extension. That said, I’m a little confused, as I assume you are using the html files directly with the fancyBox JavaScript library (which I’m not that familiar with) and I wouldn’t expect that to change. Perhaps you can show us some code to help us understand what you are doing.



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