cfajaxproxy and Railo server issue

Hi all,

I am running Coldbox ColdBox 3.0.0 RC1 on a Linux server, using Railo (latest stable version).

When I attempt to work with cfajaxproxy, I get this message:

"tag Ajaxproxy is not supported"

So I check the Railo documentation and it says that Railo supports
cfajaxproxy, but starting with version, which I can't find
anywhere, either as an installable version or as a patch.


1. Does anyone know of a workaround that can be used?
2. Or does anyone know where I can get Railo (I will query
the Railo group on this also, of course)

I am trying to do a simple jQuery ajax call to an event handler, which
would then render some data back to the jQuery function.

Thanks in advance for any help!


You can upgrade Railo from within the Railo Administrator if you like.
Go to the Update section and change the source for your updates to

Here's a description of how to do that with screenshots: just be
sure to use the website and you should find
3.2.003 available.

If you have any problems or want to try a different installer for the
heck of it, you can use the community created version done by Jordan
at Vivotech. They will give you a newer version of Railo and they use
Tomcat as the J2EE container instead of Resin: