cfajaxproxy mapping problem

i upgraded to the latest nightly build of coldbox and my cfajaxproxy
is not longer finding the CFC's located in the root of my server. it
was working on coldbox 3.0.M4 but stopped after i updated to latest
nightly build.

does anyone know how to fix this?

Just to clarify, I was using M4 and it was fully working, I upgraded
to M5 and now anywhere I reference cfajaxproxy it can't find the CFC.

Are you using an appmapping. Nothing drastic has changed in m5 any clues?

i finally figured it out - apparently cfajaxyproxy doesn’t employ the same validation as the rest of coldfusion coding. my CFC was missing a double quote and this caused the entire mapping problem. i think it might be a coldfusion9 bug but i’m not sure - i’ll pass it to the CF9 team as I think it should give a more specific error message than a cfc mapping problem.