CFConfig Services & dependencies

Hi everyone,
I tried to install CFConfig Services but command box install the following dependencies in the root folder:

  • ortus-cache-redis
  • cfpdfform-extension

is it a bug or is it intended behavior?

this is my box.json

{ "name":"website", "dependencies":{ "fw1":"be", "qb":"be", "testbox":"be", "logbox":"be", "cfconfig-services":"be" }, "installPaths":{ "fw1":"framework/", "qb":"com/qb/", "testbox":"com/testbox/", "logbox":"com/logbox/", "cfconfig-services":"com/cfconfig-services/" } }


You want to install “commandbox-cfconfig”, which is the module name. I think “cfconfig-services” are just the libraries. Brad could probably clarify.

Right, so several issues:

  • I don’t think that’s the slug you want to install. If you are wanting to use the CFConfig CLI from the command line, you want to install the commandbox-cfconfig slug
  • I have no idea where the redis and PDF form extensions are coming from since you don’t show them in your box.json
  • If you are installing the extensions via CommandBox, there are several reasons why they may end up in the current working folder, but it depends on lot of information that you haven’t provided us. What version of CommandBox? What version of Lucee? Has the Lucee server already started at least once? How are you installing the lex files exactly? What is the --verbose output of the install command?

Hi Brad,
is it possible that the installation of the two extensions are dependent on this commit?

Oops, good catch! I just committed some fixes a couple hours ago and the version bump accidentally snagged some test debugging stuff I had been playing with. I’ll remove that and push a new version right now. Please update --system and then try again!

errata corrige:

the extensions that are installed in the project root (and not in the com/cfconfig-services/ directory ) are:

  • 5C558CC6-1E67-4776-96A60F9726D580F1
  • ortus-redis-cache-1.4.0

Can you now and see if the issue is resolved?

now the paths have been resolved, thanks!