Not sure - but, I'm thinking that this is a CB3 issues.

For some reason - my site (using CB3) wants to find the following:
- CFIDE/scripts/cfform.js
- CFIDE/scripts/masks.js

I stripped down my site, to the bare bones, see if there was any link
in my pages.
I am using the tag cfform on my pages. It works just fine.

My production server is using cf8. My server (dev) is cf9.
On both servers - the same issues shows - those files are not loading.

Here is a link to the dev server ... don't crash it plz? lol

(seriously - don't crash it plz)

Anyone have any ideas?

those files are used by cfform or other cf js tags, that is not a cb issue. Also, make sure they have at least read permissions for those folder.s

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