changing settings for deployment to different environments

Hey all,
  I'm wondering as I read through the config settings guide: for those
of you using coldbox for production apps, do you use ANT to change the
settings via search/replace when deploying from dev on up the chain
(test, staging, prod)? I"m wondering specifically about the caching
settings like handler cache, because i know that's one of the things
that'll get missed, and we'd end up with handler caching being turned
off in prod when we'd want it to be true.

  So, what do you all do to make sure you remember to change the
appropriate settings when deploying to production? OR does the
framework ignore those settings when it thinks it's in prod?



Hi Marc,

Use environment controller to override setting of coldbox.xml.cfm

Here is more detail how to implement.



Sana, so you know, I'll probably be asking a ton of little questions
like these. I'm spending a lot of time reading the docs, which are
awesome. But you know how it is... you wanna know something NOW just
because you're so damn curious about how to do it.



Hi Marc,

I got your point, but docs cover much more than a simple answer.

Anyway you can catch me on IM, I hope you will have answer at the
moment. :slight_smile: