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Hi guys,

we have been working the last months on porting our biggest site to Contentbox. It’s online for almost two weeks now and works well most of the time.

We still have a few glitches, one is the admin is not really working on the cluster.

So if we login in on http://ourdomain/cbadmin/security/login then some of the links in the admin point to to nodes address. e.g.
pages links our node if. So if you click the link then you are logged out because for that node there is no cookie.

We have tried to get rid of this behavior with the multi-domain-ses interceptor, but no luck so far.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Best regards,


Hi Gunnar

The URL’s are created via the ses base URL. If you are clustered, wouldn’t the URL be the same?

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Hi Luis,

a single node in our environment can be accessed:

  1. By internal IP, used for fwreinit or bypassing the loadbalancer
  2. By internal IP2, used by loadbalancer (own subnet)
  3. Through the external traffic IP from the load balancer (load balancer decides which node will be accessed)

We use the multidomain interceptor and added some lines of code to make sure that the domain name only is used for the admin.
We added:


if( event.getcurrentEvent() contains ‘contentbox-admin’){


So if we log in, we are always forced to http://www.ourdomain.tld which is fine
But on the admin dashboard we have links which use Internal IP 1 and I really don’t get why this happens and how to prevent it?

Any ideas?



Can you give us an example of one of these links? Does it use the standard buildLink process (which should pick up the SES Base URL)? Can you also check and ensure via some logging if the interceptor is firing on all the admin pages. Perhaps the getCurrentEvent) doesn’t always contain “contentbox-admin”.

Also, are you getting logged out because the domain changed for sure, or are you just hitting a different server in the cluster via round robin balancing and your session doesn’t exist on that server?

Also, what version of ContentBox is this? 2.0.0 which is still beta I believe has some new options to keep you logged in which may affect this.



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