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I am working on redoing my personal site and I have a quick question. Almost my whole site is going to be written using Coldbox (home/about/projects/etc) but my blog is going to be a standalone app using blogcfc. How can can I combine the 2 so /blog is its own application? Just a little confused on how to handle this, any insight is appreciated.


If you just drop BlogCFC in /blog the Application.cfc will make it its own application. You wont need to do anything special.


That worked fine and the home page of blogcfc loads fine but whenever I go into an actual entry ColdBox is taking over for some reason.

I am pretty sure this has something to do with the default route but I am not sure how to tell Coldbox to ignore any requests that start with /blog


Are you using SES ISAPI rewrite with that domain?

You might need to add a rule in there to stop blogCFC from being rerouted back to the main ColdBox application.


Andrew Scott

Andrew has it I think.

You need to add a rewrite rule the stops processing for “^blog” or “^/blog” (depending on which rewrite solution/server you are using). The default urlrewrite filters are mapping /blog to /index.cfm/blog which is kicking off the ColdBox app.

Here is an example of some rules that stop processing for IIS:

And, here is another for Tuckey URLRewrite which I use for my blog hosted by TomCat/Railo which rewrites anything that does not match:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> Enable TomCat to have SES links. \.(bmp|gif|jpe?g|png|css|js|txt|pdf|doc|xls|xml|cfc|ico|php|asp)$ ^/(?!cdn|src|railo-context|test|mxunit|remote|monitoring|root)(.*)$ /index.cfm/$1

I am using apache mod_rewrite but I am not sure thats the whole issue…

this url works


but this does not and is caught by ColdBox


if you look in config/routes.cfm you will see the default route. Is that catching the request and trying to do something with it? That would explain /blog does not go through the request.

// Your Application Routes

That’s exactly why I think your rewrite rule is routing the “http://localhost/danvega/blog/2011/5/13/cfObjective-2011-Presentation-code-and-slides” to this: “http://localhost/danvega/index.cfm/blog/2011/5/13/cfObjective-2011-Presentation-code-and-slides” which is why ColdBox is getting it. If you post your .htaccess file, I can add the rule directly or you can just modify an existing rule to include “^/blog” to stop processing. If you are using one of the common .htaccess files you should be able to just append the “/blog” to an entry for “railo-context” or “cfide”.


ok I added that and that worked out…but I just realized that my issues were because of some setup I had in blogcfc. thanks for the help guys!


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You will need something in your rewrite rules to ignore the /blog directory.

RewriteRule ^(blog) - [L]


Andrew Scott