[coldbox:11891] Serious Wirebox issues under heavy load

Not on mine. That did help.

No it is Full Production mode… That means nothing is reload at all.

But the thing I have noticed is that it is not all the time, but when it does happen every single request at the time it happens, fails. And the worst thing is that my interceptor emails me the errors, so when in this case it ends in an endless loop I get about 20 emails per concurrent request.

But the good news is that I have pushed this machine to its max, without making any changes to IIS that means a maximum of 5000 concurrent connections. And the application doesn’t even break a sweat, in other words I see it spike around 50mb which is what I was hoping for.

Now this is not a physical machine, it is a VPS running on my workstation. So I am impressed. This application has been a total rewrite, the old site will only get on average around 145K of hits a month and it will fall over about 4-5 times a day when search engines come in.

So I am impressed that this is such a major improvement.

I just wish that these Log, pathView and DI problems didn’t exist.

as for the path view and logMessage issues, we have addressed those. The log issue is a bug in CF and we have a workaround for now. The DI, I can’t help until I see errors, and configuration. But still, very impressive Andrew.

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