[coldbox:12529] Re: Logbox question

Actually, every levelMin and levelMax config would have to be reversed too. Suck. I really want to change it because It’s more intuitive and matches log4j, but I don’t know if It’s wise to essentially break almost every logbox config out there. Would that just tick people off?


Well consider it a funnel.

The root is the level that determines the logging levels if no categories are defined. So it would flow like this:

Category Levels
Root Levels
Appender Levels

So the appender is the last line of defense per say if they wanted to restrict their logging to certain levels. The category is the first line of defense, if it does not match any category it falls back to the root.

Also, the levels internally in logbox should not matter, as that is why we have the names, so the idea is to use the static names instead of the integer values. Therefore, we could switch the integer values to whatever we liked in all reality.

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