[coldbox:12664] cb connection

We’ve all just been pretty busy. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some connections together in the coming weeks. If you have any topic suggestions, we’re all ears.

Sure! Off the top of my head before my morning coffee...

1 --- Coldbox best practices - I think this was actually scheduled,
but then cancelled?
2 --- A look at the Flash scope, its uses, how you would do things
differently now with it, etc.
3 --- Coldbox under the hood - an in depth look at what's happening
behind the scenes with the framework, the code behind the lifecycle,
4 --- Error handling - there are so many interception points - both in
and out of framework, what are their differences and when is best to
use one over the other, etc.
5 --- Hidden items, tips, tricks - how many times are people
reinventing the wheel, only to find out that Coldbox already has a
built-in way of doing this for us (e.g. Security intc., html /file
utils, etc.)?

Thanks guys!