[coldbox:12967] Semantics on Model Properties

I'm not using CF ORM, but I'll answer anyway. We use a home-built ORM where all our DAO's extend a base DAO that provides basic inserts, and updates and selects. Our base DAO is coded to assume those columns exist in every table and include them automatically in every query. For what it's worth, I also default the date columns in the database as well. I do include them as part of the model since it is information I might want to ask the object for.


IMHO, I would also include them as part of model, in case the properties are needed for future business logic as I would guess they inevitably are, for reporting, or limiting lists, or some purpose. Also, I would just set the update/insert to false and let the DB take care of the populating personally, but that is more debatable in my opinion.

Curt Gratz