[coldbox:14425] Re: Extending the ContentBox Model / views

I should also state that single db is crucial for the app to present content on groupsof sites hierarchically. It is in essence a community building tool for creating muliple tiers with a set of members n content.

So what you are saying is that common data lives and breaths inside site specific data.

If you read the link to my blog I posted earlier, I solved that issue with ORM goodness.

Now your problem is that you have a database that lets just say, is in need of a bit of cleaning up. Don’t worry I have been there, and was very reluctant to do that at first. Your problem is that no matter what CMS or Blog application you run into, you are going to face the same problem.

Sorry that is the facts. So you can either run with ContentBox, make changes to get it to work in your case, and face the huge maintenance task for every release, or write your own.

Are you taking about having one contentbox instance serve multiple sites?

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