[coldbox:15485] Re: [coldbox-3.5.1] Injection Happy

"whip me, beat me, make me write good code!"

Wow, getting a little kinky with programming! :slight_smile:


You guys are great…thanks for all the helpful insight. I can tell some of this is starting to stick. I’ve written four total different ways to accomplish the same thing…three with an interceptor and actually one without, just for fun. Each interceptor uses a different technique and they (now) all work…which is just amazing.

Learning how to do things differently is another great way to learn…I am finding it most helpful when I try one way that does not quite work the way I expect or want but can find another way.

Of course, figuring out which is best is another matter…but it’s nice to know that later, if I change my mind, I don’t have to re-engineer a ton of code.