[coldbox:16639] [logbox-1.6.1] extend root logger

Is there a reason you need a new log level for this? Why can’t the database insert be set up as a DB Appender? If necessary, create a named logger which is the only logger using that appender and call it by name.


As far as when you call it, I would suggest using AOP or an interception point to trigger the “event”.



Brad, Thank You! Using a special named logger is addressing my problem. Although I still would have favoured an additional function within the logging framework: LogBox.getLogger(‘eventLog’).info(“sometext”) is not as sexy as log.event(“sometext”) imho.

what we do now: we have a global UDF eventLog. Just after tons of “Luis Majano”-webcasts i had the strong, bad feeling that there must be a more OOP attempt to do it ;). I decided to post this question here as in Documentation of LogBox I can find no other hint on extending LogBox besides customizing Appenders and Layout.