[coldbox:16850] [coldbox-3.5.3] Problem with CF 10 / CF Builder / Console Log Appender

Ok, the OP wasn’t sure if LogBox was even working so I thought maybe that file could checked to try and narrow down if LogBox wasn’t logging at all, or if the log viewer in CFB just wasn’t picking up the file.


Yeah I looked into it further and I strongly believe it is ColdFusion 10 and ColdFusion Builder that is the problem, especially with what the OP says about the info that used to be shown from ColdFusion, I can confirm that this looks to be the case.

You know… now that I think about it, aside from the logging CF does on its own, and the Coldbox console log appender, I’m not really sure how to “manually” try to log something to the CFB console? All of my apps use Logbox and so I’ve never had to try to do it manually. Googling around did not help me find anything in the CB docs or elsewhere on how to do this this?

In any event, the CB console appender IS properly logging to the coldfusion-out.log, therefore I must agree with Andrew that this is indeed a CF-10 bug… unless someone else has any ideas?

I logged a bug here: