[coldbox:16889] Devbox config

Try renaming your “coldbox-devbox” folder to something else. You may be hitting a bug where having coldbox in the file path is breaking the mapping. I didn’t think Railo had that bug, but it’s worth a shot.

Also, are you on Linux? I’m assuming that since your resource path doesn’t start with C:\ :slight_smile:

A good way to test where your mapping is pointing is to use expandPath("\coldbox") or (typing this from memory) and dump out the directory list to see what’s there and what it’s pointing to. Do this in a test page. If it errors or there’s not a folder called “system” in there, then there’s a problem with the mapping.

As far as where to install it, I don’t think it matters. DevBox is designed to be stand-alone self-contained folder that can go anywhere with no installation.



Thanks again for the help. 2 more questions:

  1. Ideally, should I install devbox in Applications? Or some other place?
  2. I tried adding the mapping for /coldbox but I’m back to the same problem. Wondering how I should point to it. Currently:

Virtual: /coldbox
Resource: /User/myusername/coldbox-devbox/coldbox/

Is that all it should need? I did confirm that the directory exists.

These are much less important, answers or suggestions are appreciated, but I can live with this setup for awhile, until I can figure them out on my own, if I must.

I’m in mac os x, the coldbox-devbox thing doesn’t seem to be a problem, but the whole thing will get renamed and moved once I have everything setup to my preferences.

I fixed the coldbox mapping by using the Railo file path placeholders. Everything seems to be running well, except now I’m trying to setup a mapping for webapps to a location irrelevant to the web server. I’m trying to use the {home-directory} placeholder and running into trouble, but expandPath() should be very helpful for that.

I’ve definitely been aware that DevBox doesn’t seem to care where it is installed, I was just asking for convention’s sake.

Thanks for all your help, I think I’ll have this setup to my preference in no time.

I realized that a mapping for /webapps might be failing because /webapps is above the web root. I had the mapping setup in the server admin, and not the web admin, but I’m guessing it doesn’t load the mapping until it gets inside the site? Which is why the /coldbox works. I guess that the best solution is a symlink for webapps that points to a folder in my User directory. If this sounds stupid to anyone, let me know.

Thanks agan, Brad!

A symlink for webapps is working, although it is not an ideal solution. I can consider this issue closed, but if anybody ever comes up with a better way of doing the same thing, please let me know.