[coldbox:18136] [coldbox 3.6.0] modules 404 error in Railo

I am guessing the ses URLs are not enabled in your Railo server?

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I hesitate to say no - but it appears that neither Jetty nor Tomcat allow url-patterns that resolve urls correctly if they don’t end with .cfm or .cfm?someparm=x

Specifically, in order to get


to function properly in either Jetty or Tomcat - you have to add the following url-pattern argument to your web.xml or webdefault.xml file


Somewhat of a PITA because it’s not required in ACF. Every time you write a new app - you have to play with the engine configuration, stop and start it etc. just to get stuff working.


P.S. - I look forward to training on 5/13 :slight_smile: