Coldbox 2 different versions

I would like to know if there is a way where I can have 2 separate
instances of Coldbox running on 1 server. I have one old app that I
would like to use 2.64 but a new app I am doing I want to use 3.0. Is
this possible on 1 server? It seems there is a lot of hardcoding that
goes to the "coldbox" directory. Like this..

<cfcomponent name="mainTest"
extends="coldbox.system.extras.testing.baseTest" output="false">

You can refactor coldbox framework to coldbox3. Check coldbox refactor
So this way you can use multiple versions of coldbox.


Wouldn’t per-application mappings solve this? You’ll need Application_noinheritance.cfc with the applicable mappings (IIRC). I do this in development.

Thank you so much!! That did the trick!

If you’re using ColdBox 8, then I do what jqdurham said. It works really well I with mappings, there’s a post about it here:

sorry, to link to my own blog, but hope it’s useful

This is the way I do it as well on ColdFusion 8/9, I also have a structure setup for my project like this







And my IIS and Apache points to the wwwroot. Also to make sure that everyone is on the same ColdBox version, I have the directory Coldbox setup as an external in SVN. That way when it is updated it can bring down the latest version of Coldbox, this is not something I would recommend, as it is highly possible to have unstable version of Coldbox from the Coldbox SVN repository. But I mention it if others wish to use the Bleeding Edge version of Coldbox.

P.S I am sure you meant ColdFusion 8 in the response.


Andrew Scott

haha - am I the only one running ColdBox 8? :slight_smile:
Good catch - thanks Andrew.