[coldbox:20940] Re: [coldbox-2.8.1] Module reference syntax in runEvent

I assumed “account” is the module name btw. If not, you need to use it. The entry point only applies to url routing.

That might have been a factor. So I moved things around about and no longer get the error…if I use buildLink(“account:home.navigation”) I get a proper URL and if I manually issue that same url (account/home/navigation), I get what I expect.

But NOT when issuing the runEvent. I get no error messages but the code simply does nothing, even just outputing junk or aborting the code, the event is not triggering…but as I said earlier, directly in the URL it does.

Groaning out loud…this technique is clearly not working.


Hmm, I’m not sure what the issue is. I just created a brand new, empty module called “brad” in a test application. All it has is a moduleconfig.cfc, and handlers directory with a single handler called “cool.cfc” and an action called “index” that returns the string “The rain in spain stays mainly on the plains.”

I reinitted and in a view in my parent application, I put the following line:


It works perfectly and outputs the rain/spain quote into the page.

Perhaps you can share some code or settings.



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Mike, it would also be very handy for us to know what exactly the problem is. I am guessing that an error is being thrown and your are not looking in the logs to see why.

Without knowing what the issue you are having, it does make it hard to diagnose the problem.