[coldbox:21107] [coldbox-3.8.1] RC variable not set in OnRequestEnd

Do you have the onRequestStart and onRequestEnd defined in your config.cfc?

maybe onAppInit is not firing.

make sure its set in your config.

	//Implicit Events
	defaultEvent = "General.index",
	requestStartHandler	= "Main.onRequestStart",
	requestEndHandler = "Main.onRequestEnd",
	applicationStartHandler = "Main.onAppInit",
	applicationEndHandler = "Main.onAppEnd",
	sessionStartHandler = "Main.onSessionEnd",
	sessionEndHandler = "Main.onSessionStart",
	missingTemplateHandler = "Main.onMissingTemplate"

the other thing to remember is that the onRequestStart and onRequestEnd also need the code in there to call the framework entry points as well, the Application.cfc