[coldbox:27174] [Coldbox-4.3.0] Requested new module is not loaded error

Hi, you need to declare the module route in the moduleconfig of the module itself. There is an array of routes in there. The core routes are loaded before the modules are, thus the error.

Hi Brad,

Thank you for reply. I have attached my core Routes.cfm file and my new module ModuleConfig.cfc file in here. I have Route added for module in Module Config. But I am still receiving above error.

// SES Routes

routes = [

{pattern="/HomeDraw" module=“HomeDraw”}


Can you please help me what I am doing wrong here.

Thank you

Routes.cfm (1.02 KB)

ModuleConfig.cfc (3.6 KB)

You need to actually delete the module route from the core routing file! It will continue to error until you do so. Only declare your module routes within the ModuleConfig.cfc for that module.


I was able to resolve this error by changing my core Coldbox.cfc from config folder.

I added

modulesExternalLocation = ["#mypath#modules_app"],

Thank you


That change should not be necessary. So long as you are on ColdBox 5, it automatically loads any modules found in both the modules folder and the modules_app folder.