[coldbox-3.5.0-BE] ActiveEntity not working on Railo

I really want to get in on this ActiveEntity goodness, but Railo doesn’t seem to recognize entities when they extend. I have an entity model/Industries.cfc, with:

When I call entityNew(“Industries”).list() I get a Railo error: “No entity (persitent component) with name [Industries] found, available entities are []
component are searched in the following directories [/var/www/sites/mergernetwork.cn/model]”.

If I remove the extends property on the entity, it loads the entity but then complains obviously about there not being a list() method.

Any ideas? Has this ActiveRecord stuff been tested on Railo at all? I looked through the wiki and didn’t see anything to indicate yes or no, but I assume your intention is to support Railo.

Yes intent is that Railo support it. So I would submit a bug for it to Railo kn this.

False alarm I think… I actually don’t see system/orm/hibernate/ActiveEntity.cfc in my CB install. I downloaded the beta, I’m assuming I need a nightly build to get ActiveEntity?

Yeah, my bad. I pulled from git development branch and now I am ActiveEntitizing!

Carry on…