[coldbox-3.5.0] Flash Scope KEEP Value is False Preventing PRC Population

Yo ColdBoxers!

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been working for 12 hours and it’s Friday… Perhaps I’m just loosing brain cells due to gamma rays… I am struggling with a simple task.

The problem
I’m setting some variables into the Flash scope but they are not being inflated into the PRC; however, only event handler is acting up. The following two examples both exist in the same event handler (two different actions)

// Example of working Flash persistence

var errors = prc.FEUSer.getErrorMementos();

// Example of failing Flash persistence

var flashPackage = {‘values’ = form,‘errors’=errors};

My Findings
The second, failing example is almost working. I’ve traced execution and am finding the “KEEP” value added to the payload Flashed by a developer is being set to false in the failing example but is being set to true in the working example. In the AbstractFlashScope.cfc inflateFlash method, around line 117 (https://github.com/ColdBox/coldbox-platform/blob/master/system/web/flash/AbstractFlashScope.cfc) the framework ignores any persisted values that have a KEEP value of false which skips execution of the code that would set these values into the RC or PRC.

Do you know what I could be doing wrong?


Aaron Greenlee

HAHAHAHA! Just kidding…

The problem is definitely a mix of brain cells being lost to gamma rays and working too much on Friday. I had a bad setNextEvent(). After flashing, I would redirect to an invalid event and the handler’s onMissingAction() method again redirected me to the proper event.

Enjoy your weekend ColdBox Peeps! Hope you have a blast.

You made my weekend man