[coldbox-3.5.0] Getting to Grips with AOP


Trying to do baby step with AOP and I’ve hit a problem…

function [invokemethod([any invocation])] of component [model.aspect.DatabaseAuditTrailAspect] does not match the function declarition [invokemethod(any invocation)] of the interface [coldbox.system.aop.MethodInterceptor]

output does not match interface function output definition

Here’s my Aspect…

component implements=“coldbox.system.aop.MethodInterceptor”
methodMatcher=“methods:save,saveAll,delete,deleteAll,deleteByQuery,deleteByID,deleteWhere” {
function init() {
return this;

function invokeMethod(invocation) {
return arguments.invocation.proceed();

…and this is the line from my WireBox.cfc


I running under Rail Express

Any thought as to where I’ve gone wrong?


Add output=false to the function

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Close but not the whole story.

I added output=false (I thought cfscript components did need this???) but also had to make the invocation required like so…

function invokeMethod(required invocation) output=“false” {

return arguments.invocation.proceed();

…then my error went away (maybe a doc’s update is due?).

Thank Luis :slight_smile:


Okay, so the error message has gone away but the aspect doesn’t seem to fire however inclusive I make it. Is there any why in which I can test to see if I’ve got everything setup correctly?


Can you send me the link to update the docs please.



Maybe add a note like…

“Don’t forget to include the output=“false” even though it’s not normally required for cfscript based components and functions.”

…even though I don’t know why! :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ve knocked up a non-working sample to help others see what I might be doing wrong.

I’m guessing that the invokeMethod() should run for any calls to any methods of any components and then the dump/abort should show but it doesn’t for me.

All thoughts welcome!


WireBox.cfc (1.15 KB)

MyAspect.cfc (301 Bytes)

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