[ColdBox 3.5.1] Cascade SET NULL: it's possible?

In an ORM relationship many-to-one it’s possible to delete the One and create orphan with fkcolumn set to null?

For example if I have a relationship between father and sons:

If I delete a son, all works fine.

If I delete father, got an error: Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails

I would like to delete a father and create orphan that could be adopted by other father in future.

Is this possible?

How could I make this?

Do you have a bi-directional replationship? Meaning father knows about son and son about Father. If you do have that, then you need to advice each other of the removal. Basically, not only setting the father to null in the son, but also the son calling the father and saying, hey remove me from your ancestry.

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I can’t believe the nerve kids have these days… remote me from your ancestry, dad! The kid is probably out getting a tattoo right now.

Jason Durham

PS. All sarcasm.

If it’s not a bi-directional relationship, I could simply set father to NULL in the son?