[ColdBox 3.5.1] messagebox customization

I need to customize the html of my messagebox.

How could I do this without touch the system/includes folder?

The HTMl or the CSS

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I have not explained well. I’ve read this conversation: https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!searchin/coldbox/messagebox$20html/coldbox/mHX53G6Ji84/_gHKxYWl61wJ

I need the same, but something seems not work.

I copy the messagebox.cfc and paste in my app plugins directory.

Then in includes file messagebox.cfm I change the html, but it seems coldbox read always the system folder plugin directory…

Are you using getMyPlugin() instead of getPlugin()?

Jason Durham

Yes. I use getmyplugin()

I have changed also the cfinclude in the messagebox.cfc to point to includes/messagebox/messagebox.cfm instead of coldbox/system/ includes/messagebox/messagebox.cfm

Where is the error?

I should set something in the application.cfc or coldbox cfc?

My folder directory:

  • config
  • handlers
  • includes

_ messagebox
_ messagebox.cfm

  • layouts
  • model
  • plugins

_ MessageBox.cfc

  • views

I’ve found the error.

I should change the line where is the cfinclude in the messagebox.cfc,

What I should insert?

this is my line:

How to map this to my app?