[coldbox-3.5.1]SaaS external handlers

Been talking about this on other threads from different points of view and in part this sounded like one way I might be able to go but it does not seem to work so I’m passing it to the group for some verification on this functionality.

I THOUGHT that if I supplied external paths for alternate handlers, views, etc that if general.home exists for both the “master handler” and the “external handler” that the external one would run if it exists…if it did not the default one configured would be the event that processes…but this does not seem to be the case. In other words, what I was hoping to dynamically do is provide an “override” for whatever events had to be “custom handled” as opposed to default handled.

Am I right in assuming that should be the behavior and I’m doing something wrong or that this is not the behavior. Of course, I created a unique handler in the externals and that does not get triggered properly either…so I’m hopeful I’m just misunderstanding how externals work.